Welcome to bobbradbury.com where you will find information about founding member
and current Lead Singer/Guitarist of 70's Glam Rockers, Hello!

Bob is still touring with Hello.
He has also been the lead singer and bass guitarist with the Boomtown Rats (Roberts & Crowe)
and is also currently with the Rock Classic Allstars and Glam Rock Allstars.


Bob and Alan Merrill from The Arrows - who brought us I Love Rock 'n' Roll are releasing a single on 27 May 2016!

The track is called 'Brothers in Rock' and will be available for download on iTunes, Apple Music and Amazon Digital.

For full details click on the 'Bradbury & Merrill' tab at the top of the page.

Both Alan & Bob will be interviewed live on the Radio from Tampa, Florida on Monday (11am EST 4pm UK).

Bob's first solo CD Mad Affair is available now!
(Friday 9th October 2015)

Thank you very much for your comments. They are very much appreciated - Bob

"Hello band lead singer Bob Bradbury's new album is fantastic! Great songs, lots of very creative heavy prog-rock guitar riffs, fun vocals, clever lyrics, crisp production. My friend for years and years and my London Charles Street neighbor at Bell records (next door to the label I was signed to, RAK) in the 70s! Congrats Bob! Nice one!" - Alan Merrill

"I really enjoyed listening to your new album. It makes a refreshing change to hear an artist from your generation busting some eardrums and kicking some ass! Great stuff. - Phil Hendriks (The Stiffs)

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"Superb album Bob loving it"

"Quite frankly fab!"

"Bob congrats, very fresh sounding, well produced album"

"We have had it on twice, every track...Mmmm Now for my opinion? This Bob fellow sounds so young, back to his hey day vocals. I love the way the songs are performed, there is nothing at all wrong with it musically and it sounds so original, I canít think of anyone out there that has this sound. Mr Bradbury still has the voice to outdo allot of the fresh faced rubbish we have in the charts todayÖ The voice of an era and a voice of today."

"Got the CD on for the third time today, really loving it!"

"Received my CD from you this morning :0) It is really heavy and totally different from Hello!! I LOVE it and I think it's BRILLIANT :0) Well done BOB!"

"2nd time this morning listen to the new Bob Bradbury album 'Mad Affair', It's a very fresh and well produced album with some amazing tracks."

"Bob thanks for the CD; that Mad Affair is a good song and my favourite is "your card has been declined" ....haha. Some good lyrics :) Anyway well done, some good sounds there too. Wish you well with it."

"It's a really strong album. I loved it straight away.

"Wasn't sure what to expect although I knew it wasn't going to be another Hello album... By the second or third listen some of the songs were already memorable.. Really enjoying it - more so because I had no idea what to expect and it more than lives up to what I had hoped for"

You should be really proud of it. Thereís plenty of energy and a good mix of classic raunchy rock and modern sounds (modern to my ears!). Much of it I can hear done live, too. Hitting on more Ďadultí lyrics and appearing to be biographic at times, thus making it believable. The Mad Affair track adds a touch of melodic lightness."

"Great to see Bob on top of his game!"

"Best album of 2015 by miles."

©2015 Bob Bradbury