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BAM! Bradbury And Merrill

Bob Bradbury And Alan Merrill - Two 70’s chart topping front men from the golden age of Glam together at last!

‘Hello’ were signed to the BELL label and had hits such as New York Groove, Tell him and Star Studded Sham. The ‘Arrows’ were to signed to RAK with hits I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll, Touch Too Much & My Last Night With You. Hello even appeared on hit TV show ‘The Arrows Show’. Together they have clocked up hits, live and TV performances across Europe, Japan and the US. Although seldom seeing each other they have continued a mutual respect over the last 40 years. Alan would often refer to Bob as his ‘Brother in rock’. Then fast forward 40 odd years to 2016 when Bob sat down to write a song for them to work on together and here it is! There could only be one title…

"It's a powerful riff heavy rock song with tons of catchy hooks."

"This song has all the vocal hooks, guitar figures and chants that you could want. The best elements of the 70s mixed with modern Y2K production values!"

"Alan & Bob are great rock ‘n’ rollers. They've walked the same roads. Not too many people have been down that path."

"Plus the two best looking rock band front men of the 70s!"

Bringing everything great about 70's music stomping into 2016. And it's long overdue!

Vocals and guitars by Alan Merrill and Bob Bradbury. Written and produced by Bob Bradbury. Engineered by Jon Gordon in New York and Bob Bradbury in the UK. "BROTHERS IN ROCK" released Friday 27th May 2016 on iTunes, Apple Music and Amazon Digital.

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